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The NanoVelos team is offering cooperation in various fields of study

Thanks to experience in nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems and industrial research, NanoVelos team is ready and open to use our laboratory facilities to test pharmaceuticals.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with us:

  • direct consultation with experienced chemists, pharmacists, biotechnologists
  • responsible and flexible team
  • customize your project to meet your needs and expectations
  • technical and technological knowledge
  • experience in solving difficult analytical projects and formulations of active substances.

Formulation of medicinal substances or dietary supplements

The NanoVelos team develops various forms of active pharmaceutical ingredient administration, with a special focus on prolonged release. We are able to prepare optimal API form in terms of release profile – most relevant to the API properties and its route of administration.

We offer:

  • assessment of the product’s properties (product homogeneity, appearance, rehydration time for lyophilized products, pH, storage stability)
  • assessment of safety of the product developed by analyzing its sterility
  • development of pre-formulations (eg injection systems)
  • performing in vivo biological tests confirming / demonstrating the efficacy of the formulation.

Analysis of the substance content by high performance liquid chromatography

The NanoVelos team has wide knowledge of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) – including chromatography columns – confirmed by numerous trainings.

We offer:

  • determination of the content of compounds by HPLC and their degradation products (eg. substance stability studies, content / uniformity of content of the active substance in dietary supplements, chromatographic purity of raw materials, etc.)
  • development of appropriate analytical methods
  • solving chromatographic problems, help in selecting the right conditions
  • validation of analytical methods.

Synthesis of compounds

The NanoVelos team develops methods for the synthesis of chemical compounds. We pay special attention to designing the most efficient and economical processes, as well as enabling the synthesis of a number of analogues of a given compound class.

We offer:

  • synthesis of compounds on commission with the possibility of initial characterization of physicochemical properties
  • high pressure homogenization (piston-gap)
  • microfluidization (interaction chamber)
  • anti-solvent precipitation
  • development of the spray drying technique
  • development of the freeze-drying technique (from R&D to semi-technology).

Experts analysis

NanoVelos SA is a team of professionals with proven expertise in chemistry and chemical technology, pharmacy, biology, biotechnology and nanotechnology. The team’s wide knowledge allows us to professionally prepare expert opinion and substantive studies in field on life science, drug development, drug delivery, target culture, chemical synthesis, etc.

We offer:

  • profesional project analysis and opinion in in field on life science, drug development, drug delivery, target culture, chemical synthesis.