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NanoVelos SA

is a young start-up, dynamic team full of crazy ideas, that combines the power of chemistry and biology to transforms generic drugs into super generics in unequal fight against cancer.

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The goal of NanoVelos

is to develop more effective anti-cancer therapeutics by conjugating generics as well as new drugs with our dextran-based nanoparticle delivery system. Our dextran drug delivery system was first developed at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology in the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory established by Dr. Tomasz Ciach. In 2013 GIZA Polish Ventures, together with Dr. Ciach decided to commercialize the technology and founded NanoVelos. Since the very beginning, our team of highly qualified and passionate scientists has been focused on optimizing of the synthesis of dextran-based nanoparticles for drug delivery. The know-how we have built throughout our research enables us to combine our proprietary dextran nanoparticles with anticancer drugs.

Nanoparticle drug delivery system properties:

  • Dextran nanoparticles can serve as drug carriers (e.g., for doxorubicin) with a pH-dependent drug bond that allows the release of the drug solely within cancer cells.
  • Dextran nanoparticles can be stored in a dry state and easily reassembled in water.
  • Dextran can form a nanoparticle backbone composed of 10 modified dextran subunits, stabilized by the addition of coiling agents.
  • The physical properties of dextran nanoparticles can be modified by changing the synthesis protocol.



NanoVelos Team

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